It’s Never Too Late To Say Goodbye: 10 Heart-Warming Ghost Stories of Final Farewells

Love is ever lasting.

It's never too late to say goodbye: 10 Heart-Warming Ghost Stories of Final Farewells

It’s never easy losing someone you love, whether it be a family member or friends, but it’s harder still if that person dies suddenly and you miss that last goodbye. However, sometimes death is not always the end. Here are 10 heart-warming ghost stories shared by people who against all the odd’s got to say their last goodbye to those they love.

1. Two Knocks

In high school my best friends mom died in a tragic car accident. He found out in the morning and was obviously sent home. When I found out what happened I snuck out of a side door, went to my car in the senior parking lot, and drove pedal to the floor all the way to his house. Myself and some of our other close friends spent the rest of the day with him to try and comfort him the best we could. So as the day winds down a few of us decide were spending the night so he doesn’t have to be alone. So it gets pretty late and we’re all getting ready for bed and we hear two knocks on his bedroom door. His step dad and all the other adults that were staying had already gone to bed, and when we opened the door, sure enough, no one was there. Here’s the kicker; every night before his mom went to bed she’d knock on his door two times. Her way of saying goodnight I guess.

To this day we all swear that it was her just telling him she was OK and saying goodbye.

– Franklin_DeTurtle

2. “You’re doing just fine, and thank you.”

Not me, but a friend of mine had such an experience. Her brother died unexpectedly leaving his family in a bit of a financial crisis. My friend had to take over things for a bit while the widow got herself together and was able to get a handle on her grief, the finances and cope with the kids.

One night after a visit with the family, my friend was laying in bed really worried and upset. Was she doing enough? Was everything going to be taken care of? A lot of worry and of course, sadness. My friend had lost a brother she was very close to.

As she lay there thinking and worrying, she felt someone sit down on the bed and gently pat her arm. It was a very reassuring pat and she felt like it was her brother saying “You’re doing just fine, and thank you.”

– Maxwyfe

3. We Didn’t Believe Her

After my Grandpa died my Grandma said she could feel someone getting into bed with her nearly every night, but we didn’t believe her. One night I was watching TV in the living room trying to fall asleep when I heard footsteps in the hallway leading to my grandma’s bedroom. I looked out into the hallway and couldn’t see anyone, and this happened for probably a minute. Immediately after the footsteps stopped the TV turned off. I stayed awake for another hour or so but didn’t hear anything after that.

– croissantsandcrepes1

4. The Woman In The Blue Dress

My parents had just had their first child, my oldest sister, Cathy. They had been living in Italy at the time (my dad was in the Air Force) and had brought her back to the US to introduce her to the grandparents (my dad’s parents). So their first night there, my mom was asleep in the front bedroom, jet-lagged. My dad had gone out to hang out with his brothers. And in the middle of the night, this woman walks into my mom’s room, waking her up. She sit’s down on the bed and says, “Shh, it’s ok! I just wanted to welcome you to the family.” My mom was scared, obviously, but figured this was some relative or family friend or something that came over. The woman walks over to the bassinet where my baby sister was sleeping. “Is this your daughter?” My mom nodded. “She’s beautiful! It’s lovely to meet you both.” And then she leaves.

My mom wakes up the next day and is having breakfast with my grandmother when she brings it up. “Who was the woman that came over last night?” My grandmother had no idea what she was talking about. My mom told her the whole story and my grandmother asked what she looked like. My mom said, “She was tall, had long white hair and was wearing a blue dress.” My grandmother’s face went as white as a sheet. She rummaged through some old pictures and pulled one out. “Is this her?” she asked my mom who nodded in return. “That’s MY mother! She’s been dead for 20 years and we buried her in a blue dress.”

– foundedHartford

5.”I Don’t Know How To Word This”

My uncle passed away in august of 2010. Right before he died, maybe a week or two? We were joking about this and I said “I wonder if they(ghosts) can see us on the toilet?”. He replied “I don’t know, buddy” the conversation ended and he passed away a week or two later from heart failure out of the blue. He was like my dad and it destroyed me as a result. I have a friend that claimed to be a psychic but I never really thought about it. One night she calls me at like 3 AM and says “your uncle wants me to tell you something… I don’t know how to word this but here is my best try….. I can see you on the toilet, buddy” I literally lost it. I don’t know how I wanted to react to it because at first I thought she was making fun of it, but he had this special way that he pronounced “Buddy” so that it sounded like a drawn out pronunciation of “body”. She said it just like him, to add to it she never knew of the conversation between us.

I still don’t know what to do with that information.

– NopeNotAnthony

6. “It’s gonna be okay”

My dad was in the hospital after suffering a pretty bad stroke. Nothing he said made sense at all. My name was ldkjflkja;l… you get what I’m saying, it was bad. His girlfriend Nikki, who told me the story, was in the room at around seven in the morning when all of a sudden he breaks out of a sleep and sits up. He stares into the top corner of the room and speaks in perfect sounding English “It’s gonna be okay, I will take care of her.”

This was the one year anniversary of Nikki’s mom’s death. To top it off her mother died in that same hospital.

– pens_train

7. The New Arrival

Two days after my grandfather died, the neighborhood security guard knocks on our door on a Sunday morning. He told us “An old man came to your house earlier, knocked on your door for half an hour, and finally left. When I asked him what he wanted, he told me he needed to say goodbye to someone he had never had the chance to meet”. We were all stunned, had no idea who this old man was, or who was he looking for. When the guard came in, he shouted “That’s the old man!!” pointing at a picture of my grandfather. My entire family froze for a minute.

I’m not 100% sure if the guard was telling the truth, but I almost like believing that my grandad wanted to say goodbye to my newborn sister, before resting in peace.

– CrisThompson7

8. The Green Curtains

This happened to my uncle before he married my aunt and became part of our family. He lived with his previous wife and two kids in a house for most of their lives, and his wife suddenly became terminally ill and died a few months later. Throughout her entire life, she was a very kind person, but she hated the green curtains in their living room more than anything. She would apologize about them when guests came over, talked about how much she hated them whenever they went to home improvement stores, and tried to keep them out of view as much as possible. I’m not sure why she or my uncle never got around to changing them; could have been financial problems, distractions, couldn’t find ones they liked, etc. but they never did. The green curtains remained.

The night she died, my uncle and his kids spent the night with her in the hospital and returned home the next morning. They said after being in the house in silence for about an hour, those green curtains came crashing to the ground. My uncle and cousins didn’t know whether to be absolutely terrified or laugh. They immediately threw them in the garbage and later picked out new ones they thought she would like. I have no doubt that she took it upon herself to finally get rid of those curtains.

– jacandsally

9. “I’m sorry I made her cry”

My daughter was born with mild tracheomalacia (soft wind pipe). The only “trouble” it ever caused was that she would make a whistling sound sometimes when she was breathing, especially when she was excited or upset. Fast forward to when she was about 4 months old and fast asleep in her crib one evening. Her older brother had the stomach flu that day and had been throwing up. We thought the baby hadn’t caught it. But, a little while after we put her to bed, we suddenly heard her softly sputtering on the monitor, then silence for a few seconds, then a HUGE loud wail, which made both my husband and I run even faster to her room. By the time we got to her, she had fallen earily quiet again. We saw she was gasping for air, choking, unable to clear the vomit from her throat or get a clean breath. Even after we picked her up and cleared her mouth, she continued to gasp. She turned blue, then grey as I drove with her quickly to the ER. She had partially recovered by the time we got there. They gave her o2, chest xray, then a clean bill and we left.

Fast forward about two hours later when I’m back in my bedroom with her sleeping upright in a baby seat next to me on the bed. My husband and I talked briefly about what would have happened had the baby not cried out so loudly. Would we have reacted so quickly? Would she have recovered?

I’m in and out of sleep myself because I kept checking her. One of the times, just before I had fully awoken, I looked out in the hallway and saw my grandfather, who had passed away a few years prior. When he was alive, he was not the most involved granddad. Anyway, I see him out in the hall this night. He is just standing there in khakis and a polo with his hands in his pockets. In my dream state, I see all my children, except the baby, pulling at his arms and playing with him. He has a simple smile on his face, he looks over toward the baby’s room and back at me and says, “I’m sorry I made her cry, but I’m glad she’s okay.”

– altruitis

10. Buster The Cat

When I was 6 years old, I had a cat named Buster. Buster was actually my step-dad’s cat, but because I never had a cat before, I claimed him as my own. Suffice it to say, Buster didn’t like being hugged and coddled all the time by a little child, so he hated me. He avoided me at all costs. He was also an outdoor cat, so he would often spend most days outside and then come in for the night.

One night, Buster didn’t come back in the house. We usually fed him at night, so I was worried. Our area was also well-known for an abundance of coyotes. My parents were being a bit hush-hush about Buster’s disappearance, but I didn’t get the hint. That night, when I was drifting off to sleep, Buster jumped onto my bed. He lay down by my head and let me pet him until I fell asleep. Honestly, I was shocked because he had never done this before.

The next morning, I triumphantly walked downstairs and related to my parents that Buster now loved me because he slept in my bed during the night. My parents looked at me inquisitively and sat me down at the breakfast table to let me know that while they were outside the night before, they had found Buster’s body in the alley behind our house. They thought he had been harassed by a coyote. But, he was dead, so he couldn’t have slept in my bed that night.

To this day, I like to think that Buster just wanted to say goodbye and thank me for trying to love him in the only way a child knew how.

– gutenmorgenbaltimore

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