7 Strange Supernatural Events Witnessed by Police Officers
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Ghost stories and tales of supernatural are something that most people will struggle to believe. It’s often easier to dismiss these stories as someone’s paranoia or predisposition to be scared. However what if the person claiming to have witnessed the unexplainable is part of the law enforcement community? Police officers bring a certain credibility with them, so when the police see something supernatural, it’s harder to discount. Here are six such cases, where the witnesses have dedicated their lives to the truth and upholding the law.

Surveillance Ghost

One evening in 2014, an officer named Karl Romero was having a quiet evening on duty at the Espanola police station in New Mexico. He was watching the security cameras when he saw a strange figure in the corner of the screen. At first he thought it was nothing more than a bug, but then he saw that the figure had legs. The next day, he told his fellow officers about the surveillance experience and many returned stories of their own. Romero told the local news that he believes this ghost may have something to do with the unsolved murders in the area.

Capitol Theatre

6 Strange Supernatural Events Witnessed by Police Officers
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The Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake city has been the subject of multiple haunting-style television programs, but County sheriff’s deputy Dave Murphy was a nonbeliever when he took on a second job in security at the theatre. He had to see things for himself to believe, and see he did. The ghosts started to appear as dark figures moving through walls, which is spooky enough on its own. He would hear music and singing where there was none, and a figure even appeared on stage in front of him. Murphy also saw a woman pass him wearing clothes that were as old as the early 1900s. Murphy is now a believer in the supernatural and paranormal, and actually appeared on the SyFy show Paranormal Witnesses.

The Soul Collector

6 Strange Supernatural Events Witnessed by Police Officers
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Retired Lt. Frank Marra was one of the officers who was ordered to remove the debris of the World Trade Center after the September 11 terrorist attacks. When recounting his story to a filmmaker in 2013, Marra remembered a strange black woman, dressed in a Red Cross uniform and holding a tray of sandwiches for the police officers, but she disappeared every time he strained to get a better look at her. Other officers said they saw large shadows and “black masses” among the debris. After visiting mediums, they were told that they witnessed what’s called a “soul collector.” This is a being that ushers souls into the afterlife. Frank Marra believes that he saw the face of one that day in 2001.

The Calling Voice

6 Strange Supernatural Events Witnessed by Police Officers
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Jennifer Groesbeck was driving home with her 18-month-old daughter, Lily one winter day in 2015 when Groesbeck hit a barrier and flipped the car into a river. The car lay there for 14 hours until a fisherman spotted the wreck and alerted police. Tyler Beddoes and three other officers arrived on the scene, and the first thing they saw was an arm hanging out of the window. The four officers went into the water, attempting to save whoever was inside. While trying to pry open the door, all four of the policemen heard a woman’s voice call out to them. They struggled to free Groesbeck, but when they did they found that she had been dead for some time. It wasn’t until the car was removed from the water that they found Lily. She was alive, and after a trip to the hospital, she survived the ordeal. The officers can only speculate as to where the voice came from, but the overwhelming theory was that it was the deceased mother saving her daughter’s life.

Rendlesham Forest

6 Strange Supernatural Events Witnessed by Police Officers
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The incident at Rendlesham Forest may be one of the best pieces of eyewitness evidence for alien existence. In 1980, James Pennison was sent as part of a team to investigate an aircraft crash after strange lights were observed emitting from the trees. His experience is detailed in an official report, where Pennison describes the situation. What they saw was a strange triangular aircraft, unlike any they had seen before. When they approached, their radios malfunctioned and the air seemed to pop and fizzle with electricity. After they inspected the aircraft, the lights emitting from the side started to burn brighter, and the aircraft soundlessly rose from the ground. It then sped through the forest at an extreme speed, leaving Pennison and the over 80 other officers in awe. Everyone involved was instructed to never speak of this event, and the following investigation was classified and apart from eye-witness statements no official documents have ever been released to the public.

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