The 7 Most Mysterious and Disturbing Videos Discovered on the Internet
The sinister story of Tara the living android.

It’s estimated that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and it’s no secret that much of that footage falls into the category of bizarre. Perhaps unwisely, we delved deep into the murky depths of YouTube to uncover the videos that go far beyond bizarre. Appearing from nowhere the origins of many of these strange clips remain unknown, but that hasn’t stopped the countless theories as to their meaning. From sinister singing robots and Satanic games to mysterious disappearances and unexplained deaths. While these videos have been deemed safe for work, they might not be safe for your soul.

As the saying goes, what has been seen cannot be unseen so you may want to proceed with caution before hitting the play button.

1. I Feel Fantastic

I Feel Fantastic was posted to YouTube in 2009 by user Creepyblog. The video itself is pretty straight forward; a mannequin like animatronic character named Tara moves her head and arms while singing the song “I Feel Fantastic.” While that’s creepy enough in itself, the strangeness takes a new turn when seemingly unrelated footage begins to intercut Tara’s poses. The footage, possibly of a backyard, zooms in on a pile of sticks while the lyrics say “Run, run, run.”

Stranger still, there is a reference in the video description to Pygmalion, a sculptor from Greek mythology who believed that women were all tainted beings and unworthy of true affection. The story goes that Pygmalion sculpted his ideal woman and then asked Aphrodite to make her real. This seemingly obscure reference has led some to theorize that the video’s creator had murdered a woman named Tara, who had failed to live up to his standard of perfection. Hiding her body under the sticks, he then constructed a robot in her image and dressed it in her clothes. Some have taken this theory further still and say that since no other video has ever been posted to the YouTube channel, Tara must have murdered her creator after reaching a state of self-awareness. Whatever the case, the bizarre video has notched up millions of views and remains a puzzling part of our digital history.

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2. Happy Anniversary

In February 2004 University of Massachusetts Amherst student, Maura Murray disappeared. On the day she went missing she told her friends and professors that she had to go home due to a family emergency. Except there was no emergency and she never made it home. A missing person report was filed and internet searches found on her personal computer indicated she was heading to New Hampshire. Days later she was spotted after getting involved a minor car crash. The police were called but by the time an officer arrived Maura had left the scene. It was the last time she was seen alive. The case remains open with Maura filed as missing, but her family has long claimed their daughter was kidnapped, with Maura’s father telling the press he believed she had been abducted by “some dirtbag on Route 112.”

You may be wondering what does this have to do with the above video. At first glance, seemingly nothing at all. The connection to Maura came to light after eagle-eyed internet users spotted the video had been uploaded in 2012 on the anniversary of her disappearance and was uploaded by the user 112dirtbag. The video was removed shortly after but copies of it still exist. Is this just a strange coincidence or is the video a message from a killer?

3. The Max Headroom Hack

The now infamous hack featured an unidentified individual wearing a mask resembling the fictional character Max Headroom. The pre-recorded video was seen twice in the span of three hours after hackers were able to infiltrate a broadcast signal for WTTW and interrupted an episode of Doctor Who on 22nd November 1987. The masked character bounced around the screen maniacally to a swirling metallic background before the intrusion cut off. While the hijacking itself was unsettling, the lack of obvious motive or message to the video made it difficult to pinpoint who possible suspects might be. Despite a full investigation, the perpetrators were never caught and the Max Headroom hack has since become the stuff of legend.

4. The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor Video was first published on the Swedish blog GadgetZZ in 2015. The video depicts a person in a plague doctor’s mask doing some very strange things in an apparently abandoned building. Morse code, an odd static tone, and some jump-cuts and overlays of mutilated bodies spliced in all feature in this deeply unsettling video. The editor of GadgetZZ claimed the video was sent to him as part of a digital puzzle contained on a DVD delivered to his house with no return address. Not knowing what else what to do with it, he posted it on his website. YouTube user AETBX also posted the video online, claiming to have received the video anonymously in the mail. His video was entitled ‘01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101’ which in binary code this translates to “Muerte”, the Spanish word for death.

5. Sad Satan

The video game Sad Satan is said to be located in the deepest depths of the dark web. The game first came to light when the owner of the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner was sent a link to a website where users could anonymously post content. The relatively simple and crude gameplay features a dark maze with occasional flashes of black and white photos of Prince Franz Joseph of Thurn, Jimmy Savile, Margaret Thatcher and JFK minutes before he was assassinated as well as an image of Baphomet. The game also features a pixelated, child-like creature who appears in the maze and cryptic writing in the background. If that isn’t disturbing enough the audio includes a Charles Manson monologue and the phrase “suffering doesn’t end.”

6. Blank Room Soup

Blank Soup Room is another video that surfaced on the deep web in 2005. The footage shows a distraught man eating soup while two figures in cartoon costumes attempt to comfort him, only resulting in him crying harder. Many people believe the video to be torture porn, and that the man in the video is a hostage, held against his will by the two costumed figures. Worse still, others believe that the man knows he will die when he finishes his meal and the footage is actually a Chinese Mafia execution. Whatever the story is, it has never been explained and no-one has ever come forward to claim the video.

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7. The Elisa Lam Footage

Easily the most famous video on the list, the story of Elisa Lam and her mysterious death has become the inspiration for songs, art projects, and was loosely covered in the fifth season American Horror Story. A student from Vancouver, Elisa was visiting Los Angeles and staying at the Cecil Hotel. On January 31st, 2013, she disappeared. Those who had seen her that day reported her as happy and a local bookstore owner even helped her buy books to take back to her family in British Columbia. By February 6th the LAPD began a full investigation into her disappearance and released the above footage which was taken from the elevator security camera. The video starts with Elisa entering the elevator and begins to have a heated conversation with someone off screen. As the security camera seems to malfunction she can be seen to behaving erratically throughout the video, going in and out of the elevator, pressing buttons, and covering her ears with her hands. Eventually, she leaves the elevator and that is the last time she was seen alive.

Her body was found February 19th in the water tank on the roof of the hotel, after guests complained of a foul odor and taste to the hotel’s water supply. Autopsies revealed that neither suicide nor homicide as a cause of death and while it is known that Elisa had bipolar disorder, questions about her death remain. Setting aside the Cecil Hotel’s long and dark history, while the police investigation did determine how Elisa died, it did not explain how she got into the tank in the first place. Doors and stairs that access the hotel’s roof are locked, with only staff having the passcodes and keys, and any attempt to force them would supposedly have triggered an alarm. All four tanks are 8 foot high cylinders and there is no fixed access to them, plus the tanks are protected by heavy lids that would be difficult to replace from the inside.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding her death and eerie security footage have given rise to numerous theories. But without new information, we simply may never fully understand what happened to Elisa lam.

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