7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
Awe inspiring Gomantong Caves, Malaysia.

This world is full of beauty, wonder and natural splendor. If you live in a densely populated area like me, then you probably also daydream about going out into the woods, where there is no responsibility or anything to get in your way. Most people love getting back to nature, whether it be hiking, camping or canoeing down a river. Below are seven of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world that will help you clear your mind. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: they’re also haunted, spooky and extremely dangerous.

1. Racetrack Playa

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
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Location: Death Valley, California, US.

Racetrack Playa in California is a popular tourist destination for a strange and possibly supernatural reasons. Large rocks in the middle of the flat desert appear to be moved over the course of an evening, leaving a trail behind them. They couldn’t possibly have moved on their own, which leads many people to name aliens as the culprits. Richard and James Norris threw some water on that theory, as they explained that this phenomenon was most likely caused by the formation of ice under the rock, causing it to move and leave a trail. I have to admit, I’m inclined to believe them, as I have to think aliens have better things to do than move rocks in the desert.

2. Madidi National Park

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
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Location:  Bolivia.

Madidi National Park is one of the last places on earth that has been untouched by human civilization. For this reason, many botanists and other scientists love to study the surroundings and find out more about the species that live there. The view is fantastic, but there is one giant deterrent from visiting Madidi National Park. Almost everything that naturally lives in the park is poisonous. Plants and insects alike have the ability to cripple and even kill humans, which is why many people only visit as part of a guided tour. Even still, there is no guarantee you’ll be safe from Mother Nature’s last protected sanctuary.

3. Aokigahara Forest

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
[Image via wikipedia.org]

Location: Japan.

Aokigahara Forest is a dense, awe-inspiring forest northwest of Mount Fuji in Japan. Unfortunately, a trip into the forest may be breathtaking in more ways than one. So many suicides have taken place in this forest that it has been aptly named “Suicide Forest.” Some claim that there are ancient demons residing in the woods, but many enter the forest with the express intention to end their own life. Some even leave a trail of ribbon in case they change their mind, so that they can find their way back. Signs are plastered all over the park, telling people to continue living and offering hotlines for them to call. The forest is a beautiful place to hike, but many have described the distinct sense that they were not alone.

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4. Danakil Depression

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
[Image via dpreview.com]

Location: Ethiopia.

The Danakil Depression is one of the most unique locations in the world. It’s home to active volcanoes, and has therefore been nicknamed the “Gateway to Hell.” As you’d expect, it’s one of the hottest places on Earth. The uniqueness of this place also makes it quite creepy, as you’ll think you’ve stepped into a portal to another world. It looks nothing like anything you’ve ever seen, and have had some visitors second-guessing their own reality.

5. Gomantong Caves

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
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Location: Malaysia.

Gomantong Caves are creepy, not for any supernatural of superstitious reason, but for the reality of what’s inside. There are millions of bats living there, which are in turn eaten by giant cockroaches. Species in the caves also include snakes and massive centipedes, so if you don’t like creepy/gross/probably dangerous animals like this I’d take a look at another cave.

6. Dering “Screaming” Woods

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
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Location: Pluckley, UK.

Dering Woods is located south of Pluckley, which is notorious for being the most haunted village in Britain. There have been many tragic and unexplained deaths in Pluckley, and it appears many of the spirits have wandered into the neighboring forest. Dering Woods got the nickname Screaming Woods, because of the loud screams heard by some travelers at night.

7. The Devil’s Kettle

7 Mysteriously Creepy Natural Wonders of the World
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Location: Minnesota, US.

The Devil’s Kettle appears to be a beautiful waterfall, and it is. What makes it so strange is that no one, not even scientists, has any idea where the water goes. It simply falls into the deep hole known as the Devil’s Kettle and disappears underground— apparently forever. People have dropped items in, but after thoroughly searching the area have never located them again. While no one has ever had the guts to jump in themselves, local legend tells of a car that was once pushed in by teenagers that was swallowed whole and never seen again.

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