Top 5 Creepiest Ghost Sightings Caught on CCTV

With over 5.9 million active CCTV cameras in the UK alone, Big Brother is very much watching our every move. However, there is an even spookier side to surveillance cameras particularly when they catch some rather bizarre and frankly unexplainable footage too. Prepare yourself for chills as we present the top 9 creepiest ghost sightings ever caught on CCTV.

1. The Haunting of Room #209

This chilling video filmed by the hotel security manager who was standing watch on September 14, 2003 at a Wingate Hotel in Illinois. His voice can be heard in the background of the recording. According to the manager, people staying at the hotel began calling in noise complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor – in particular from room #209.

2. Southport TV Poltergeist

This YouTube sensation released by Southport TV is fast becoming one of the most watched poltergeist video’s online. During the early hours of 1st November 2012, security staff monitoring CCTV at an office in Castlefield House on Liverpool Road, Manchester, witnessed a harrowing chain of events. This is the actual footage seen by those security guards as they flicked from camera to camera.

3. Blockbuster Haunting

Who hasn’t felt like they’ve spent an eternity in Blockbusters trying to choose a movie? Well it turns out this isnt’t just a problem for the living. Caught on CCTV, watch as an unseen presence terrifies a young Blockbuster employee.

4. Hampton Court Ghost

Could this be King Henry VIII haunting the court? On three consecutive days in 2003, Hampton Court Palace security staff were called to close one particular fire door. On the first day, CCTV footage showed the doors flying wide open with great force but there was nothing to reveal why. On the second day, the same thing happened but this time a ghostly-looking figure in period dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors.

The doors opened again on the third day but there was no further sign of the ghostly doorkeeper.

5. Disneyland Ghost

This video taken of security camera monitors at Disneyland appears to show a ghostly form walking around the grounds at night. Many believe it to be the ghost of Walt Disney himself taking a late night stroll.

6. The Ghost Car

The ability to vanish into thin air would definitely come in handy while evading police, just ask the Garden city police who’s department’s onboard police car camera caught this now notoriously spooky footage.

7. The Haunted Gym

Motion sensors at a gym in Kansas turned the security system on 9 times… and when the security videos were viewed, only a ghostly orb was captured roaming through the gym.

8. When Ghosts Attack

A security guard at a Malaysian hotel began filming the monitors on his mobile phone after witnessing furniture moving around the hotel lobby seemingly by itself. If that wasn’t creepy enough, he soon captured the violent attack on an unsuspecting woman sitting quietly in the hotels dining room by an unseen assailant.

9. Hallway Assault

Not much is known about the origin or validity of this supernatural video, but what is known is that it’s become a huge viral hit. Is it the real deal or just another hoax? That’s for you to decide.

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