Watch This Guy Explain That There’s a Ghost Living In His Closet

And if that's not strange enough it plays the ukulele too!

Watch This Guy Explain That There's a Ghost Living In His Closet
College student Patrick Carpenter talking about his experience of ‘ghosts’ in his dorm room.

Leaving home and heading off to college can be tough, but for one unfortunate kid it’s been made all the harder because he has to share his dorm room with a ghost that lives in his closet. Sound weird? You betcha it is, especially when his nocturnal roommate also happens to enjoy playing the ukulele every now and then.

College student Patrick Carpenter posted several of his paranormal videos to Reddit. Perhaps unsurprisingly some Redditors weren’t all that sympathetic to his plight, with one user commenting that the footage is fake because Patrick ‘cut’s away to his big, red, stupid face’. Nice Reddit. Nice.

In order to prove his innocence and show his claims are real, Patrick made this video and even managed to capture some paranormal activity on film for good measure. The video shows a door flying open, tapping, banging and of course, the sound of a ukulele playing from inside the closet.

Did his story give you chills? Or did you just have the overwhelming urge to wash his mouth out with a bar of soap. Maybe both. Either way, the idea of a ukulele playing ghost living in our closet doesn’t sound so bad to us.

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