Weeping Waters: 5 Most Legendary Crybaby Bridges in America

You’re probably asking yourself: what’s a crybaby bridge? Chances are you already know but just not by that name. Generally speaking, a crybaby bridge is a specific type of haunted bridge that features the cries of children. They also often include dark histories of child murders or drowning in the creek over which the bridge runs, and often features a tragic young mother who also haunts the area, looking for her lost child.

Here’s a list of 5 of the most well-known crybaby bridges in America that are sure to give you chills if you ever visit them and listen to the cries of lost children for yourself.

1. Maryland’s Crybaby Bridge

Weeping Waters: 5 Most Legendary Crybaby Bridges in America
[Image via Matthew O’Thompsonski / flickr.com]

This bridge is the original crybaby bridge from which all others have borrowed the name. It’s a one-lane bridge in Prince George’s County going over the Patuxent River which, according to legend, is the watery final resting place of an infant back in the 1950s. Naturally, this is the baby said to be making the wailing sounds often heard at the bridge. Several dark stories exist as to the truth behind this rumored infant death. Some claim the young mother was struck by the car of her own husband who did not see her in the fog and the baby fell into the waters below. Other versions say the mother purposely drowned her own child to escape the stresses of young motherhood. One particularly chilling version of the story tells of a chapter of the KKK who reportedly used the bridge as a place to murder local African American children.

No matter which story locals ascribe to, many have claimed to have heard the child’s cries from below the bridge while out at night which has given rise to a haunting legend.

2. Sleepy Hollow Road, Kentucky

Weeping Waters: 5 Most Legendary Crybaby Bridges in America
[Image via gothichorrorstories.com]

You hear Sleepy Hollow and you no doubt think of the tiny hamlet just north of New York City that was the rural setting for the infamous urban legend of the headless horseman. But this Sleepy Hollow refers to a road in Louisville, Kentucky that has served as a local rite of passage for brave teenagers.  The story with this road goes that often you see a mysterious black car behind you that makes several violent attempts to run you off the road. However, the true terror is on the bridge.

It’s said by some that the bridge creates something of a time warp where people driving through will suddenly find their watches have jumped ahead two hours in a matter of seconds. It is also believed the road and bridge were used by a local Satanic cult for rituals where human sacrifice of children took place and their cries can still be heard even now.

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3. Van Sant Crybaby Bridge, Pennsylvania

Weeping Waters: 5 Most Legendary Crybaby Bridges in America
[Image via visitbuckscounty.com]

This bridge, which is also known as the Beaver Dam Bridge, was built in 1875 over the Pidcock Creek. The most common story connected to this bridge is that of a young mother, who after being disowned by her family for her premarital relationship, crept to the bridge to dispose of her illegitimate child. After flinging her child into the waters below, she was so distraught at what she’d done that she hung herself from the bridge. It’s also been reported to have been a place of hanging for horse thieves.

With its dark history, the wails of a child are said to be heard even to this day. Supposedly even the feet of the hanging woman has been said to touch the tops of cars as they pass under.

4. Rogue’s Hollow, Ohio

Weeping Waters: 5 Most Legendary Crybaby Bridges in America
[Image via Denise Powers Fabian / flickr.com]

This story comes from a region of Ohio already famous for several dark urban legends. But this one tells the usual story of a young mother, spurned by family and her lover, taking her child and delivering it to an untimely death in the waters below the bridge. However, there is another story that tells of a family that slipped on black ice one night and flew to a cold and watery grave below.

Legend also has it that a scene repeats itself as a residual haunting on the bridge. Nightly, the apparition of a young woman tosses a bundle over the side and into the water below. Either way, chilling sounds can be heard at night when passing over this bridge.

5. Helltown’s Crybaby Bridge, Ohio

Weeping Waters: 5 Most Legendary Crybaby Bridges in America
[Image via deadohio.com]

The bare bones of the story for Helltown’s infamous crybaby bridge goes that a young mother disposed of her child and is often referred to as the “woman in white” by those who have seen her apparition. There’s said to be visible tiny handprints on the rails by those who get close enough to look when they hear the sound of baby’s cries. One such local ritual includes leaving your car locked with the keys in the ignition at night on the bridge and walking away only to find the motor started and several pairs of small handprints all over the outer portion of the vehicle. And while the bridge itself isn’t located in Helltown, it sits on a road that figures prominently in Helltown legends.

Scared yet? Any one of these bridges will send chills up the spine if visited and have a proven reputation of some chilling scares, just from atmosphere alone. So visit one and see if the sound of weeping children waits for you.

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